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“Detroit has been called lots of things…bustling big city, wasteland, the motor city, the murder mitten. But if you live here you know the real deal. If you’re a skateboarder and live here chances are you know a lot more about what makes this place unique and great. This past summer an unusual project took place just north of Hamtramck. It’s a story that isn’t unusual to skaters but might be to others. It’s a true skateboarding DIY tale.”

Shot by Chris Rosik & Eric Carlsen
Edited by Chris Rosik & Eric Carlsen
GFX by Chris Rosik & Eric Carlsen
Color by Chris Rosik
Audio by Andrew Smetek

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sunset ride

sunsetride72kids riding into the sunset at Ride It Sculpture Park



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Wow! Recap, Sort Of…

Wow, hard to believe it’s been six weeks already since Wild in the Streets hit Detroit. I meant to do a little recap here not long afterwards, but all the catch up things caught up with me.

The intention with this site is that I’ll turn it over to Mitch and Gina of Power House Productions. Not sure if it needs to stay up, or whether it makes more sense to focus everything on the larger-in-scope site… they’ve done a great job there. And either way, it’s up to them.  There’ve been a lot of people who made the entire effort come together, but Mitch and Gina had the vision, and that’s the first and boldest step. Joe Brook came and conquered, by organizing the builders, being a constant focus of energy, getting the artists of the skateboarding world to contribute art, and really, just doing whatever it took to help. The folks from Emerica did their part, too. But the most amazing contribution came from the skateboarding community of Detroit. Pat and Andrew from GoodWood did so much with their art auction, and the result showed it. That really took a lot of work, and Pat is a great dude for ideas, programming, and understanding how things work. I learned a bunch from him during this whole process. The other shops in Detroit were also very supportive, enthusiastic, donating time, space, and a lot of energy to this skatepark and all the things that surrounded it. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’m proud to be able to say I was a small part of it, and very happy to say I made some friends along the way. –Mark Waters

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Random Notes – Four Days To Go!

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Emerica’s Wild in the Streets Detroit is this Thursday. Please help us spread the word — post this page as well as in your Facebook pages, and share wherever you can. Ride It Sculpture Park construction is underway. At … Continue reading

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Wild in the Streets Benefit Show!

Man, people in Detroit hustle! It’s been great working with people in Detroit on all these projects. Singer/guitarist Jay Navarro came through big time with a great lineup for a benefit show at Modern Skatepark on June 21. Ten bucks for five bands and skateboarding in the park all night! Plus, beer tent for those with ID with cheap Pabst Blue Ribbon, who were also kind enough to come on board as a partner in the event. Can’t go wrong.

Top that off with an amazing poster for the show by Mark Penxa, printed by Eric at Refuge Skateboards, and we’ve got a great closer on the whole Wild in the Streets event. All of the proceeds — yes, 100% of the money raised — goes right back into the Detroit community in the form of the DIY RideIt Sculpture Park. Please come out and support the bands and builders and Power House Productions for the last event of Wild in the Streets in Detroit!

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Boards for Bros At Work in Detroit

BoardsforBrosBoards for Bros is a pretty loose collective of skaters who collect and refurbish use skateboards and give them to kids who don’t have any. This year in Detroit, with significant help from some of the best brands in skateboarding, Boards for Bros will be donating more than 100 complete skateboards to the kids of the Power House ‘Hood. This is the immediate area around the Sculpture Park, and Boards for Bros is proud to be helping Power House Production with their goal of neighborhood revitalization.

The brands who helped us immensely are:

·         Independent Trucks
·         Spitfire Wheels
·         Ricta Wheels
·         Powell Mini Logo
·         Roughneck Hardware
We will be presenting the skateboards to the kids at 2pm on Wednesday, June 20th, at RideIt Sculpture Park.


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Building Update With Photos

Just so you can see what’s going on at the site of Ride It Sculpture Park, here are a few photos by Joe Brook….

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Wat-Aah!Don’t drink junk! Drink Wat-aah! That’s the message that Wat-aah! is sending to kids. The first water brand for kids by kids (really, it was created by a mom whose kids helped with the plan to make drinking water as cool as all the other stuff we drink!), Wat-Aah! has come in to help Emerica, Wild in the Streets, Power House Productions, and the whole project in Detroit. They’ll be delivering water and are making a great cash donation to Ride It Sculpture Park. If you see the Wat-Aah folks, say thanks, and enjoy some great refreshing Wat-Aah!

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Good Wood Exhibit Raises $25,000!

Pat and Andrew’s Good Wood Exhibit, which featured an online auction followed by a silent auction and closing reception in Hamtramck, was an amazing display of art, and a great exhibition of the way that people still come together in this greater community called skateboarding. The show featured art by incredible artists — there wasn’t a dud in the bunch, and while more prominent artists such as Ed Templeton, Matthew Barney, Twist, and Neil Blender, there were also amazing pieces by artists who may yet become household names. Grace Bienek, Ben Horton, Judd Hertzler, and Nate Marcy’s work were among my favorites. And of course, Bigfoot, Lance Mountain and Cyril Mountain, Neckface, Fos, Don Pendleton’s, and Jai Tanju’s boards had familiar and spectacular art. A gret side effect of these artists rising to the occasion was that we were able to raise more than $25,000 for the Ride It Sculpture Park, and the builders are already out in the Power House ‘Hood building as I write this! Thank you to all of the artists, and to everyone who contributed to the cause. You are the reason we were able to do this.

Check out all the boards here.

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Wild in the Streets Videos

Here are a few videos from past Wild in the Streets events. Wild in the Streets Chicago| Wild Ride & Wild in the Streets Teaser | International Wild in the Streets | Wild in the Streets in the News |

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