GoodWood Art Show

Pat from Chiipss of Plymouth, in conjunction with Power House Productions and Emerica, is hosting Good Wood Exhibition, a skateboard art show and silent auction. The online auction begins May 19 and the final bid date will be May 26, coinciding with the show, to be held at 10-22-9 in Hamtramck. 100% off the Good Wood proceeds will go to the RideIt Sculpture Park in the Power House neighborhood just north of Hamtramck, with the first build starting in early June 2012.

Good Wood will feature custom works on cruiser skateboards from more than one hundred artists. While many of the artists are Detroit locals, there will also be a handful of internationally-renowned artists, including many from the skateboarding world. The decks will adorn the white-walled space at a new gallery space in Hamtramck, each one unique from the next. This will raise the question for the viewer: “Is this a one-of-a-kind cruiser deck, or does this belong on my wall?” The starting bid prices will mimic a retail skate deck price in an effort to guarantee every deck is sold.

Artists include Bigfoot, Cyril Lance Mountain, Yogi Proctor, Ron Cameron, Neil Blender, Ed Templeton, Lance Mountain, Hagop Najarian, Jeremy Fish, Fos, Russ Pope, Jason Adams, Steve Olson, Jay Croft, Ben Horton, Michael Leon, Thomas Campbell, Don Pendleton, Brian Lotti, Michael Sieben, Clint Peterson, Jai Tanju, Jerry Hsu, Mike Kershnar, Todd Bratrud, Todd Francis. Thomas Stavnes, Kevin Long, Neckface, Mark “Fos” Foster, Twist, Judd Hertzler, Mike LeSage and more, including a large number of Detroit artist/skaters.

10-22-9 • 10229 Joseph Campau Street • Detroit, MI 48212

May 26, 2012

Stay tuned for more information on auction. Follow this blog for email updates.

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