Good Wood Exhibit Raises $25,000!

Pat and Andrew’s Good Wood Exhibit, which featured an online auction followed by a silent auction and closing reception in Hamtramck, was an amazing display of art, and a great exhibition of the way that people still come together in this greater community called skateboarding. The show featured art by incredible artists — there wasn’t a dud in the bunch, and while more prominent artists such as Ed Templeton, Matthew Barney, Twist, and Neil Blender, there were also amazing pieces by artists who may yet become household names. Grace Bienek, Ben Horton, Judd Hertzler, and Nate Marcy’s work were among my favorites. And of course, Bigfoot, Lance Mountain and Cyril Mountain, Neckface, Fos, Don Pendleton’s, and Jai Tanju’s boards had familiar and spectacular art. A gret side effect of these artists rising to the occasion was that we were able to raise more than $25,000 for the Ride It Sculpture Park, and the builders are already out in the Power House ‘Hood building as I write this! Thank you to all of the artists, and to everyone who contributed to the cause. You are the reason we were able to do this.

Check out all the boards here.

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One Response to Good Wood Exhibit Raises $25,000!

  1. miranda mitchell says:

    Wow!! Hernando Skates, a non-profit in Mississippi, is getting ready for their art show fundraiser, “Art on the Move.” We hope to also do this well!! Wow, $25,000, that’s awesome. Keep shreddin’!!!

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