Wow! Recap, Sort Of…

Wow, hard to believe it’s been six weeks already since Wild in the Streets hit Detroit. I meant to do a little recap here not long afterwards, but all the catch up things caught up with me.

The intention with this site is that I’ll turn it over to Mitch and Gina of Power House Productions. Not sure if it needs to stay up, or whether it makes more sense to focus everything on the larger-in-scope site… they’ve done a great job there. And either way, it’s up to them.  There’ve been a lot of people who made the entire effort come together, but Mitch and Gina had the vision, and that’s the first and boldest step. Joe Brook came and conquered, by organizing the builders, being a constant focus of energy, getting the artists of the skateboarding world to contribute art, and really, just doing whatever it took to help. The folks from Emerica did their part, too. But the most amazing contribution came from the skateboarding community of Detroit. Pat and Andrew from GoodWood did so much with their art auction, and the result showed it. That really took a lot of work, and Pat is a great dude for ideas, programming, and understanding how things work. I learned a bunch from him during this whole process. The other shops in Detroit were also very supportive, enthusiastic, donating time, space, and a lot of energy to this skatepark and all the things that surrounded it. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’m proud to be able to say I was a small part of it, and very happy to say I made some friends along the way. –Mark Waters

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One Response to Wow! Recap, Sort Of…

  1. i really want to see photos / videos of the completed park!

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