How You Can Participate

So you would like to get involved in RideIt Sculpture Park? There are a number of reasons for skaters, artists, progressive thinkers, and Detroit residents to get behind this amazing project: you may live in the area and look forward to skating the park; you may want to learn how to build cement to ride your skateboard on; you may want to be part of the skateboarding and artist community, or want to support the arts. Or maybe you just believe in Detroit and are willing to help however you can tomake it a better place to live for everyone. No matter what your reason, or your means, there is a way to help with RideIt Sculpture Park.

  • Good Wood Exhibition: With an online auction followed by a reception and auction close on May 19, in Hamtramck, this show will feature 100 skateboard decks adorned with custom art. With prices starting at $50, the same as any new skateboard, any skateboarder will be able to contribute and make the call whether the boards belong rolling on the ground or hanging on the wall. Remember: 100% of the proceeds will go directly into materials and support of the cement that gets mixed and poured two weeks later. See below.
  • Help with the build: When the first phase of building starts in early June, there will be need for hands, helpers, errand runners, people to bring food, beer, help clean up, and more. Come watch and learn in a fast-paced skatepark building environment — this is trial by fire and you can be an apprentice of sorts with some of the best concrete builders in the business.
  • Support the local skate shops in Detroit who are supporting this project thru Boards For Bros: Chiipss, Plus, Refuge, Detroit City Skateboards, Oakland Vert, and TruClass up in Lexington. These shops will all have bins in-store from May 1 thru June 20. If you donate any hard good items, the shop will give you 10% off an Emerica purchase that day, and your boards, trucks, wheels will all go to kids in the Power House ‘hood who don’t have skateboards, thru Boards For Bros.
  • Participate and help spread the word about RideIt Sculpture Park, Good Wood, Boards For Bros, Wild in the Streets and the after-party and show. Share this website with your friends and family. Post it on your Facebook, tweet about it. Send it to the news. Do whatever you can to make sure that everyone knows what we’re doing — what you’ll be doing the the last month of Spring 2012.
  • Come out and skateboard with the entire midwest skateboarding community on June 21. We will announce a meeting place well in advance, and we’ll be skating with a few thousands of our closest new friends, including Andrew Reynolds, Jerry Hsu, Leo Romero and the entire Emerica team, throughout metro Detroit. There’s nothing like it, and you’ve got to experience it to understand. Watch the video here to get an idea, but come out and skate, show your solidarity with other like-minded people, and support your community.
  • Come support the Wild in the Streets after-party and show. We’ll be throwing an all-ages party and benefit concert. We’ve got some bands who are willing to support what we’re doing by donating their time to raise money for this skatepark. Come out to the show, rub elbows with the Emerica team, the skateshop crews from Detroit, hang out with old friends and make new friends, and once again, all in the name of a great cause.
  • Donate online. You can donate anything — even five bucks helps! There will be a link on this site as soon as a paypal account is set up, and we’ll also have a Crowdrise account set. We will recognize everyone who donates $5 or more on a page on this site between now and June 30, 2012.
  • If none of these ways works for you, please, let us know what you ‘d like to do. We are ready for suggestions and welcome your help, ideas, and contributions. Please, reach out to us. Mark can be reached at mark_at_skatepunk_dot_com.



2 Responses to How You Can Participate

  1. Kevin says:

    Wher is this place? I dont see a street name anywhere.

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