RideIt Sculpture Park

Power House Productions is an artist-run neighborhood-based nonprofit organization. Incorporated in December of 2009, our mission is to develop and implement creative neighborhood stabilization strategies to revitalize and inspire the community.

To build on Power House Productions’ mission of rethinking the potential and sustainability of an aging inner city community, we are currently seeking funding for a neighborhood sculptural skateboard park, Ride-it Sculpture Park. First and foremost, the park will be sculpted and formed with aesthetics in mind; a park that can be skated by professionals and novices alike. The goal of the park is to create a space where neighborhood teenagers and adults can meet, play, create, build and exercise, effectively keeping them out of the oft-routine of boredom-induced destructive behavior while allowing them a place to freely express themselves creatively, physically, and even civically.

To accomplish this, Power House recently purchased four vacant commercial lots with an adjacent vacant house as the main site for the project. The house will serve as a mini indoor park, transforming parts of the house to be skateable and livable at the same time. The house will also function as a visiting skateboarder and artist residency as well as a caretaker residence for the park. The commercial lots are the main site for ramp and bowl building, however the intention is to build the park in small batches, not just at the main site but throughout the neighborhood, within various abandoned back alleys, garages and empty lots, thus creating a new and positive use for neglected and often dark, crime-ridden corners of the neighborhood.

We are happy to be working with Emerica on Wild in the Streets and welcome their contributions to this project.


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